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金在中 绽放的青春
Kim Jaejoong: The blooming of Youth

Kim Jaejoong, this name does not sound as boisterous as “TVXQ”; the boyband he had debuted with. As a group that focuses on mass activities together, that has caused an awkward situation which the members had to face. Afterall, looking at the economical aspect, as long as the group holds popularity, even if there are changes to  individual members, the company would still be able to sustain profits.

To Kim Jaejoong, the achievements during his glory days in TVXQ are like inerasable ink marks. Since his debut in 6 Feburary 2004, till the lawsuit faced in 31 Jul 2009, thereafter forming JYJ with two other members Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, that five years after debuting which he had spent working on his image is no longer just a prefix. One would need extremely much courage to start over again when he was at the peak of his popularity, and he chose to accept such a tough challenge.

Ever since  the lawsuit with his previous company, Kim Jaejoong did not have activities for two whole years. This would have been unimaginable to any popular singer in his 20s. He seemed to have become a singer on the internet, with the bans in Japan and Korea, as well as not being able to go on any variety shows or promote his songs. The JYJ members have previously described that period as “the dark tunnel”. After heeding advice from his father, he finally pulled himself together, and accepted a role in “Protect the Boss”, breaking the ban through dramas. Afterwhich, he also acted in TV drama “Dr Jin” and movie “Jackal is Coming”. Kim Jaejoong, who has finally overcome the black period, lamented to his fans, “if youth meant being in pain, then let such pains be more intense.”

After JYJ member Kim Junsu produced a solo album, Kim Jaejoong finally announced the preparation of his first solo album “I” in November last year. This album was completed in a lightning speed, and thereafter, he held his first solo concert two months later. This mini album did not follow the usual electronic music trend or bubblegum pop, but instead, he blended in his own feelings of life into the songs; they are songs filled with emotions, which are like stories he  pours out to fans. This is also Kim Jaejoong’s significant achievement of 9 years in the music industry.

In this rock album named “I”, Kim Jaejoong displayed his personal views on music; not shaping himself to fit the style of his group, but just simply pursuing his own music style.. At every solo concert, he would always introduce himself as “I am rock singer Kim Jaejoong”.

Kim Jaejoong has proven, through his music, that as a singer, he does not need any prefix to substantiate his talent. Singer Kim Jaejoong’s path in music, is just about to begin now.

  出品:新浪韩娱 新浪音乐 TVDaily联合出品

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Letter from a H.O.T Fan in 2008

I've read this letter from a H.O.T fan some years back, I can't remember when, but i remembered being very touched by what she wrote. And I've come across this letter again once again. Since it was written in 2008 when TVXQ had their Mirotic comeback, I'm wondering if fans actually knew something was brewing up already........

Maybe..just maybe, it so happens that every (male)group that SM has...well somehow if they get too popular, they might just end up like this...like H.O.T, like TVXQ..even though in TVXQ's case, Changmin and Yunho chose to sacrifice stay on keeping the name of the Rising Gods from the East... well, time will tell the truth. We'll just wait and see.

No idea who's the orginal translation of this letter so I can't credit anyone, but im sure this letter has been circulated almost everywhere.........so I'll just post it here.

Letter from H.O.T fan in 2008Collapse )


June....here and going soon

And the year is ending...very soon! D:
Funny thing, it seems June is my lucky month, I've always had so many great things that happened in the month of June. Even though it's not my birthday month.

blah blah blah........XDCollapse )


T/N: This is my first attempt to translate a full Korean song, I am not a professional at it, nowhere near, and I'm doing this translation only for my own reference/interest, because I really love the feel of this song. The tinge of sadness in it is soooooooo similar to TVXQ's "How Could I" (fav song in Keep your head down! Okay stans don't bother to judge, I'm just saying the feel is similar).

아티스트 : Xia (Kim Junsu)

앨범제목 : 1집 Tarantallegra

노래제목 : 알면서도 (Even if I do know)

끝난 줄 나 알고 있지만
Even though I know it is over

그래 아닌 줄 더 잘 알고 있어
Yes, I know it better that it’s not

처음부터 내 맘은 아직 그대로인데
my heart is still like this from the start

어떡해 널 지울수 있어
How can I erase you off my mind

하지만 그것만 알아줘
However, just get it clear

오직 내 맘은 니가 전부란걸
that you are everything in my heart

나는 너만 알아서 다른 사랑 몰라서
Because I only love you, because I don’t love any other

조금만 아플게 너를 간직한 채
It will hurt a little as I cherish you

그래도 다시 한 번만 더 네게 물을게
Even then, I’ll ask you just once again

나 없이도 후회 없이 살 수 있냐고
if you could live without me without any regrets

그래 난 바보같아서 너밖에 알지 못해서
Yes because I’m like a fool, because I can’t love anyone besides you

알면서 또 한번 더 물을게
Even if I do know, I’ll ask you once again

수많은 밤을 지새우며
As I go through countless sleepless nights

우리 함께한 그 많던 약속도
The many promises we made together

이젠 필요 없지만 아파도 간직할게
even though it’s not needed now, even if it hurts, I’ll still cherish

언젠가 그리워 찾을지 모르니
I don’t know when I’ll find you when I miss you

그래도 다시 한 번만 더 네게 물을게
Even then I’ll ask you once again

나 없이도 후회 없이 살 수 있냐고
If you could live without me without any regrets

그래 난 바보같아서 너밖에 알지 못해서
Yes I’m like a fool, because I can’t love anyone except you

알면서 또 한 번 더 물을게
Even if I know it, I’d ask again

그대 내게 행복하란말 제발하지 말아줘
But please don’t tell me words like she’ll be happy

아직 널 사랑하는데
Because I still love you

사랑한단 말 질리도록 되풀이해도
I’ll say I love you repeatedly till the extent that you get sick of it

너에게는 이 말밖에 할 수 없는데
I have nothing but this to say to you

니가 날 버려둔 채로 차갑게 뒤돌아서도
Even if you leave me, even if you turn back coldly

언제나 그 자리에 있을게
I’ll be at that place as always

미워도 너만 아는 나니까
Because, even though I hate you, I only love you

Finding my way back.......

In the process of finding my way back......to the fandom.......

I dont know actually, if I'll lose my way again if exam results for this semster turns out............./rahhh
Exams is just next week.
But I've gotta admit, without Korean lessons, I've got much more time on hand to study as compared to the past three years of my Uni life...............I can't believe after 3 years, then I'd realise THIS should be the life of a Uni student.

No part time job (no additional income either T^T), no additional Korean classes outside. Just a full time University student. Read my notes weekly. Study weekly.

I just hope that everything will pay off at the end of this semester T_T (Gimme an A please? And nothing below a B please??)

And so......i'll return..soon, in may.?

bangkok and Junsu. LOL. I know I need a holiday despite the fact that I need money too. I need a holiday because I stupidly spoilt myself since the very first day I became a uni student that I'm used to having an overseas trip to look forward to after every school year ends. I know, sometimes I even wonder where I get the money from. And ITS ALWAYS KOREA.

Just not this time. Bangkok is fine. Because Junsu is going. It's just I have this funny feeling inside, that this voice in me is telling me the reason why I'm going is because I want a holiday. And Bangkok is the ideal place for a cheap and good vacation. And Junsu is just a plus point to reasons to why I should convince myself to give myself a holiday this year too.

Sigh. Junsu. You're losing me as a fan. I can feel it. Not like you would even know and care anyway. Oh well......-_-


Korean Lyrics quotes

This is very random, but when I listen to Korean songs, there are really some lines in the lyrics which I love very very much, some of which are really simple lines, which may seem ordinary, but somehow I really like them. So, I created this post to update nice quotable lines in lyrics and update it as and when I find new lines I love.  Quotes includes any random Kpop songs I listen to ( which I reckon would be mostly by JYJ/TVXQ/CNBlue) lol okay.

Translations are done by me, so I can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but I reckon it should be at least 80% accurate. since it's to my interpretation anyway, and I might change previous translations as I go on, since I shall assume my Korean ability will improve as time passes. XD 

I shall do a chinese song lyrics quote soon too hehehe

1) " 그렇게 우리가 잡은 손을 혹시나 놓치려 한다면 그때는 내가 더 힘껏 잡을게요 지금처럼" Love is- TVXQ
If our held hands were to be let go of one day, then, I'll hold onto them even harder, like now.

( it's supposed to be a guy confession to a girl, but somehow i think of it as DB5K~T_T)

2) "가슴이 너무 두근두근 두근거려 너 때문에 난 하루하루 행복해져" LOVE Girl - CN Blue
(my) heart is going doogun doogun really fast, because of you I'm happy everyday

(Like this line cos of the double words used, got a very rythmnic feel~^^)

3) "한번 이라도 웃어주면 그미소로 행복해" Because I'm a fool - need to find original singer
If you'd give me just a  smile, I'd be happy just by that smile.
(It's a song from You're beautiful, I can memorise this simple line by heart already~lol thats why I cant remember the singer -_-;;;)

4) "이제는 너를 안아주고 싶다 그 차가운 세상 끝에 홀로 서성이던 널" You are so beautiful - Kim Junsu
 I want to embrace you now; you who lingered at the edge of that cold world alone.

5) "그래요 난 난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요..." - A goose dream
Yes I, I have a dream, I believe in that dream, I'll protect (that dream)...

(Very popular Korean song, so many people sang this before, till i have no idea who's the original singer -_-)

6) "오늘 같은 밤 곁에 있는 듯해 바보처럼 또 한번 불러보네요  When we'll be together 행복할 수 있도록..." - When we'll be together - TVXQ
Today, like one of the nights when we were together, like a fool, I called out once again, when we'll be together, till we can be happy...

7) "세상에서 가장 소중한 그대 그대 이니까"  The empty space for you - Park Yoochun
In this world, the most important (to me) is just, just you

8) "사랑해 널 사랑해 세상 가장 눈부신 그대..." Sunset Glow - TVXQ
Love you I love you, the world's brightest star- you...

(Junsu wrote this lyrics, he's the brightest star~~yes ^^ )

9) "평생 곁에 있을게 (I do) 널 사랑하는 걸 (I do) 눈과 비가 와도 아껴주면서 (I do) 너를 지켜줄게 (I do)" Marry you- Super Junior
I'll be with you my whole life (I do) I'll love you (I do), Be it snow or rain that comes, I'll give you shelter (I do), I'll protect you ( I do)

10) "힘들고 어려워도 ( I do) 늘 내가 있을게 ( I do) 우리 함께하는 많은 날동안 ( I do) 매일 감사할게 (My love)"  Marry you - Super junior
Even if it's difficult and hard (I do) I'll be there (I do), during the many days that we'll be together (I do), I'll be thankful everyday (My love)

11)  "언제나 비가와도 칠흑같이 캄캄한 어둠이 와도
(유천) 그대 곁에서
(윤호) 나무가 돼서
(창민) 쉴 곳을 주고
(준수) 헤매지 않게 등불이 돼서
(재중) 기다릴께 Nothing better than that" - 12:34, TVXQ

Always, even when it rains, even when the dark times come
Yoochun: I'll be with you
Yunho: I'll become a tree
Changmin: To give you a place to rest
Junsu: Not parting; being a light stand
Jaejoong: I'll wait (for you) Nothing better than that

(This is the last part of the song, where each member sings a line, my all-time favourite!)

To be continued...^^

Random Kpop Questionaire

Saw someone's LJ had this questionaire that she did, so i decided do it too. hehh. Okay, i reckon besides the first question, the rest of my answers to the first 37 questions (if any) are probably just preferences, im not over them or anything. And it's rather obvious im not a Kpop fan, just a TVXQ fan. lol.

List your favourite member(s) from each of the following groups:
1. DBSK - Kim Junsu.........okay if you meant the current DBSK, Shim Changmin.
2. Big Bang - Taeyang 
3. Super Junior - Reowook
4. SHINee -  Umm..Key! cos hes lame. And uh, maybe onew?
5. 2PM -  Woo young
6. 2AM - Changmin
7. BEAST - no idea how they look like
8. F.T. Island - Hongki
9. F.Cuz - no idea how they look like
10. ZE:A - no idea how they look like
11. Epik High - i
12. MBLAQ -dunno
13. U-Kiss - them
14. SS501 - not interested
15. C.N.Blue - omg i gave him a nickname called "ahcui" but i forgot his real name -_- Jungshin. suddenly remembered.
16. Girls Generation/SNSD - Sunny
17. Kara - No
18. 2NE1 -  have
19. 4minute -  none.
20. f(x) - Victoria
21. Wonder Girls - Sunye!
22. After School -  what?
23. Brown Eyed Girls - Narsha
24. Rainbow - who?
25. T-ara - Eunjung
26. Jewelry - I
27. Seeya - don't
28. Davichi - exactly
29. Secret - know
30. Infinite - anything
31. CSJH - about
32. GP Basic -them
33. Co-Ed -either
34. Miss A - Suzy
35. Sistar - No
36. Block B - idea
37. Teen Top - who
Favorite boy group/s + duos?
TVXQ and CNBlue

Favorite girl group/s + duos?
Donthave one..but if  have to choose, okay then its SNSD.

Favorite mixed groups?
Can i mix FT Island with CNblue? lol..oky Anjell. does A.N Jell count?

Favorite pairings from the stated groups, or any other Kpop artist/s?
Jaesu! \o/ mingsu! (i don't know why koreans call the changmin-junsu couple as "mingsu"...o_o)

Favorite solo artist/s?
K-Will, Kim Tae woo

Favorite songs right now?
Maybe- Sunye

First kpop song ever?
Midoyo- TVXQ

First kpop music video ever?
Midoyo- TVXQ  (friend showed it to me in 2004..and she was spazzing over how micky could play the piano charismaticaly -_-)

First kpop love (group/solo)?

First variety show?
I believe its...Star king.? no..I think its um the Banjun dramas by TVXQ.

Any dance you can do (from a MV)
Can't dance for nuts.

A song you always/usually listen to EVERY day?
I don't have to listen to only a particular song everyday.

Your favorite music video?
Balloons- TVXQ --> always a must when i go sing KTV. XD

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
Plenty, some influenced me, some got influenced by me XD

First Groups of people that I know

Which group/artists can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into Kpop?
None. Sorry I really have no idea how long I can last in any fandom right now.

Down with flu

and it doesnt help I still have to rush projects and prepare for final exams next month.

And I don't fall ill easily,  but once i get ill, i take ages to recover. :(  must be the stress that's been accumilating recently.


And I wonder if I ever got interested into doing anything. Studying chinese was not exactly my interest, it just so happen I suck at can't study any other subjects except chinese.  That explains all the whines about school life on twitter.

I don't even know what I want in life, even though when people ask, I'd just say "translation job" so they wont ask, "Eh so you'll be a chinese teacher in the future?"

I dont even think I'll ever end up with a translation job; it's too stressful and I suck at translating too. Well at least I think so.

How I wish I can strike lottery and live a happily ever after life.

haha I'm such a typical strawberry (strawberry, in chinese, is a erm a new term that netizens came up with..referring to people born in 80's for being too pampered etc)

I love strawberries though, my favourite ice cream flavour! :D

Blabbering nonsense here. I need to find my soul back, which usually automatically appears after exams.

Maybe I left my soul in Seoul. XD


I guess I've found an answer to my previous post already.  Felt really bad because everyone was asking me (and another classmate) to continue, our teacher tried the soft way by saying she was sad/no appetite to eat/feeling disappointed, she even got another teacher who taught me 2 years ago to ask why i refused to continue learning.

I almost gave in. Almost. Well if they said next term they'll have a JYJ fanmeet in school, I'd join definitely. LOLL.
When I first decided to continue learning Korean even as I entered Uni, I told myself I will not let learning korean affect my university grades. It didn't, until last semester, my GPA dropped, uh..quite drastically, but not much damage done yet. I continued learning even then because the term for korean class started during the holidays. Now that it has ended, I'm already in mid-sem, and I have no time to study. My readings for classes, I haven't touched them in ages, they're piling up. And Korean homework, studying Korean has become a chore instead of an interest. So I decided I need a break. Which sucks because I'm afraid I'll forget the language once I don't study it  =( I suppose the only way is to kakaotalk with my friends often now. =_=

It has been a long way. Since I started in SKS two years back, I remember when i was in elementary 2 class, I'd look at the advanced 3 class thinking, "they must be really good and fluent in korean, I wonder when i'll ever be like them." And then now, that I'm in the advanced 2 class myself, I realise that nah, even though we're in "advanced 2", my korean is still so blah. Even though we are using the textbooks from Kyung Hee University (eeeee Changmin's uni <3), anyway our book says "Intermediate II" -_- Talked to an elementary 3 student during cutural night, when he knew which class I came from, he was like "wow, you guys must be really good in korean now", and i told him not at all. We were all just so assuming when we were at elementary stage lol.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the next class is the last class before I am eligible to take the intermediate topik exam. So, I'll have to 1) self study, 2) continue in Janurary. I don't know if i'm prepared to take intermediate level exam next year. Well my classmates who took it said it isn't difficult, but they're pro and I'm not, even if I just wanna attain a level 3...I dont even know if i can pass. Though I could score at composition, but my vocabulary is weak ._.;;;

Anyhow, this is a nice secret place for ranting. Though it might not be that secretive anymore~hehehehe

한국어를 학교에서 계속 공부하지 못 해지만 한국어를 계속 혼자 공부할게~! 표기 할 수 없잖아~!^^

계속 공부를 할까? 그만 할까?

3년 동안 한국어를 배웠어....우와...오래 동안 이었어...
하지만 내 한국어 실력은...아직도 이런..약....ㅠㅠ

요즘 한국어 수업이 그냥....재미있지만 숙제하는 시간이 거의 없네...
대학생 생활을 참 힘듵어.....
포기 하기 싫어 하지만...난 다른 방법이 없어...
대학교 너무 바쁘뿐만 아니라...난 바로 돈이도없어
한국어 수업비를 참 비싸...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 돈이 어디에서 찾을수있어 알는 사람 있으면 저한테 말해 주세용ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

앗........정말 계속 하고싶어...어떻게 하면 되...
이번 수업 학기를 끝나 자마자 결정을 해야해...ㅇ_ㅇ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

하루에 48시간이 있었으면 좋겠어~~~ㅠㅠ

근데.......왜 내 한국말 정도를 아직도 안 잘 해 = = 정말......내 머리가 안 좋다ㅏㅏㅏㅏ